1956, For John on the Occasion of his Birth


Everybody and his brother

Has been turning to one another

“Did you, have you heard the news

Today we are relieved of blues”


A stranger came and asked them “Why?

There is plenty of blue in the sky.”

He felt they were not talking sense

They said “Mister, you are pretty dense.”


“What we mean is we’re full of joy

Like some kid with a new found toy

For today, we’re trying to say

Is our beloved’s birthday.”


Yes our own glorious John

(He must not directly looked upon)

Lo Sacco, the great, king of the porn

Bey of Bravad was on this day born.”


“Oh well, if that’s the case”

Said the stranger scratching his face

“I say to you, one and all

Go and have yourselves a ball.”

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