A, B, C’s

A, B, C’s



A is for Adulteress, a certain disease,

affecting people all as they please

B  is for the Boundary, position of fall,

below which there is no one at all

C is for Cheating to satisfy needs

Ceaselessly stemming from justifiable deeds

D is for Deception, a malicious lie

Difficult beginning, easy bye an bye

E   is for Elation that comes with affairs

Each cheater now knows is properly theirs

F   is for Fornicate in any old place,

Frantically chosen, since it won’t take much space

G  is for Guarantee that you won’t be caught

Good reasons for straying must always be sought

H   is for Hypocrite that plays a part too,

However you place it stays on like glue

I     Is for Irritate, both often and fast

In that way it’s found suspicion won’t last

J    is for Justify any old way

Justice is needed too, in peace he may lay

K   is for Knowledge of just what to do

Keen observance of things can cause routers to rue

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